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3 years ago

Listener Questions #Number 2

Yes we know hashtag also means number but its an in-joke! Hi listeners. In this episode we make our way through some listener questions. We have had alot since our first listener questions episode so we selected some and answered in DETAIL. Hear about how we both had life threatening incidents with dogs, what exactly we think of YOU, and answer an extension of one of the last episodes' questions. You will learn alot from us in this episode as we love to go way off track, and crack some jokes on the way. Special thanks to Varmints Podcast: Tag Me In Podcast: The Gaming Podcast: Semra: questions and great people /podcasts! Make sure you check them out, subscribe on Itunes or your podcast app, send them a message and tell them how great they are!!! This episode is also on YouTube so why not go over there via the link below, subscribe and tell us what you think in the comments section? It would be a great way to show your support and encourage us further. If you want to see how we look, or how we look talking at a camera then click right here or Shout out to for the intro music. All our contacts: Click here to send us a Whatsapp audio or text message or its +447397227541 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tell your friends we are on these platforms: Itunes: Stitcher: TuneIn: Plus we are on Google Play Music